What is LCD difference between positive and negative LCD LCD LCD?

 LCD the monochromatic LCD screen will usually have positive and negative display these two types of display, we take the segment screen as an example today, today to specifically analyze the difference between the two types of display, I hope to help you.

 1. Positive display: The so-called positive display is the LCD screen display content color to be darker than the background color, for example: yellow green bottom black character (yellow green screen) gray white background black character (FSTN), such screens generally in the sun display effect is better. The color of the characters is darker than that of the background color, that is, it is positive. There is also a relatively STONE display simple way to distinguish the color of most of the positive characters are black characters, just said that this kind of screen in the sun display effect is good, but also because the characters are black, so in direct sunlight conditions are not easily affected.

 2. Negative display: The so-called negative display is that the content color of the display is lighter than the background color, such as blue and white characters (blue screen), black and white screen (VA segment code screen), such screens are relatively high contrast, indoor display effect is better than positive display. The bottom is black/blue, the word is white, the color of the word is lighter than the background color, that is, negative; there is a relatively simple way to distinguish, that is, most of the negative characters are white, because the LCD screen itself is not luminous, negative characters are actually the color of the backlight through the glass, backlight white characters are white, in other words, negative display must be white. A backlight is required to display the content. At the same time, negative display is also a very common practice, is color screen printing, plus screen printing after the LCD screen will become colorful,


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